Little Little Frog – Positioning Pillow


Positioning bean bags help NICU babies get more comfortable.

  • “Little Little Frog” may be placed around the head, neck, or hips, or used to position an extremity and provide tactile support

    Portions of the aid can be adjusted separately for special positioning needs

    It can be used as an extra set of hands during procedures or to assist with a facilitative tuck


Benefits of the positioning FROG

  • Helps maintain the fetal position to take stress of the knee & hip joints
  • Helps to calm & still ” Wiggle worms”
  • Supportive positioning has shown positive neurodevelopment outcomes
  • Helps decrease muscle imbalances while improving even muscle tone and motor development

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Little Little Frog

  • Our Little Little FROG positioning- aid is made to help achieve goals for developmentally supportive positioning.
  • This positioning aid should be used by a professional only!
  • The Little Little Frog weighs about 453.6 grams
  • The Little Little Frog contains polyethylene beads.

Care instructions.

  • The Little Little FROG has a removable Cotton flannel cover that can be washed with baby detergent and ironed.
  • The inside of the frog can be wiped down. DO NOT wash the inside.



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