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Donate a Preemie Dummy for Preemie Awarenss Month !

What is non-nutritive sucking?
Non-nutritive sucking is where a baby sucks without receiving any nutrition, for example on
a dummy or an empty breast.
Babies of all ages find sucking soothing. From as early as 11 weeks’ gestation the baby in
your womb will have gained practice and experience of sucking.
We have specialised pre-term dummies for babies weighing less than 1750g.

Benefits of non-nutritive sucking
For babies who are not able to feed due to being premature, poorly or needing surgery,
offering non-nutritive sucking can:
 Support the development of normal sucking patterns (co-ordinate sucking and
swallowing, which promotes earlier oral feeding).
 Encourage the association between sucking and having a full tummy, when offered
with a tube feed.
 Help to soothe your baby during tests and procedures.

Non-nutritive sucking
in the Neonatal Unit

 Have a calming effect, reducing energy use, which may help improve their growth and
 Help improve breathing and oxygenation.
 Stimulate the stomach to help digest milk more easily.
 Decrease the time your baby may have to spend in hospital.
 Help to reduce ‘oral aversion’ where a baby dislikes having things in their mouth.


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