Donate a NICU bonding heart towards our Preemie care packs for Preemie awareness day 2022

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The NICU heart might be small but plays a very big role, between the bond of a Preemie and her mommy.

DONATE a set of 2 NICU hearts , so we can create as many preemie packs as possible!

The simple act of holding your baby is something parents in the NICU can’t always do. To help Preemie parents stay connected, soft 100% cotton bonding hearts are given to Mommy and Daddy, aswell as baby, linking them when they can’t be together.

One heart is given to the mother and placed on her chest to pick up her scent, with the other heart placed close to the baby for the same reason.

The hearts are then swapped so mommy and baby are left with each other’s scented heart.


”Smell is one of the first senses a baby develops, and it is one of the first senses to recognize the mother. So, having mom’s familiar scent can really ease an infant’s stress and discomfort”

”Cuddle hearts have also been proven to help a mother’s milk come in when she is apart form her baby”

Little Little Prem will use your donation to donate towards local NICU’s and NON PROFIT ORG’s


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