This is Leahné Breytenbach’s story:

She was born on the 03/04/2021 at 21:20 pm with a emergency c-section. At 26 weeks and 3 days.

As of today she marks 61 days in the NICU and counting…….

Hi I am, Linnéy Breytenbach Leahné’s mom. In March I had pain the whole day, me being a first time mom, I didn’t know what contractions felt like and my body and mind can handle quite a lot of pain, didn’t think much of it.

But being a cautious new mom and being under a lot of stress because I have lost my job, to me it felt like someone had died the stress was just to much. I told myself if the pain gets worse then I need to go to the doctor. In the middle of the night the pain got so strong, I took a hot shower and a hot bath to ease the pain which it did, but as soon as I got out the pain got worse again, so at 02h00 am in the morning I asked my husband to take me to the hospital. Really not knowing what would happen in the next few days to follow.

The doctors and I tried our best to keep her inside my tummy but we could only do that for 3 days. So she was born at 26 weeks and 3 days. And clearly I didn’t actually comprehend what it means to have a micro preemie. Doctors and nurses did not give us much hope and could only go on the statistic and facts.

It was terrifying. She had good days and bad days so far, she had Klebciela is lung disease, phenomena in her lungs, her lungs where very immature and had a very bad infection.       

She was on a oscillator machine, a ventilator machine, cpap machine, low flow and high flow for her lungs.

She got two blood transfusions so far and had jaundice.

With all the up’s and downs, there’s always hope.

On Thursday 03/06/2021 she will be 35 weeks corrected age. She’s now on low flow oxygen at 21 %.

She’s learning how to drink milk with a bottle but she is still getting tube feedings in her stomach.

She’s still undergoing eye tests, when she’s off the oxygen she will get her ear test. We still have a long journey ahead but I do see the light at the end. She weighs 2165 g at the moment

. When she was born she weighed 1090 g. Length was 33 cm and her head was 26 cm.

Unfortunately Our medical aid doesn’t pay for everything because the doctors add on their %, which we have to pay.

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