The story of my son  – Baby Alexander Joachim Pohl.

I had a fairly good pregnancy, we saw our baby grow with every scan and check up. All my vitals were good and normal…. My last appointment was on the 3rd of September when I was 20 weeks pregnant and everything was perfect and I was scheduled to see my Dr again at 28 weeks on the 22nd of October 2020.

On the morning of 17 October 2020, I started doing normal house chores with a bit of a headache, not thinking much of it I sat on the couch for a while and tried to get up and continue with washing but just could not get myself up from the couch. My husband came home and asked if we should go to the ER but I didn’t think it was necessary. During the night I couldn’t lay down as the headache got worse and said to him I think we should go the next morning.

On Sunday 18 October 2020 we went to a local pharmacy to test my blood pressure, which was 187/118 – this is very dangerous for a normal person and here I was 6 months pregnant.

We went to the ER and I got admitted in the Maternity ward, they tested my urine for protein, which was the color of coke/oil with an amount of 12 (it should be 0.3). My entire body was swollen from all the water and I gained almost 4kg in water retention.

The results came back and I was diagnosed with Pre eclampsia. On the morning of 19 October I saw my Dr when she did an ultrasound we discovered that my baby stopped growing at 24 weeks and my body tried taking care of itself first instead of my baby which should’ve been the size of a 27 weeks baby, he wasn’t….my placenta was tearing as a result of pre eclampsia and my baby was no longer getting enough blood supply or food through his cord.

He was basically dying. 

She scheduled me for emergency cesarean the morning of 20 October to buy us some time to get steroids for his lungs. The hardest conversation I had to ever have with my husband was asking him “Babe, the hospital wants to know, if Alexander doesn’t make it, would we want to see him before they take him away”

We cried and we prayed and cried some more. 

The morning of Alexander’s birth I woke up at about 6am and couldn’t feel him moving anymore, with tears I asked the nurse to please listen for his heart beat….. This was the longest 20 minutes of my life, after the third nurse came to see if she could hear something he gave one kick and a slow heart beat, but it was there. 

I remember going into theater with my husband, knowing in the next 30 minutes we would either be parents to a micro prem baby or we wouldn’t be parents at all. 

After they took him out, all I could say was “is he alive” which no one could answer until they were sure, by the grace of God he was. 

No one outside of that room was sure if me and the baby would come out alive. 

Alexander was 685g at birth and 37cm with a head circumference of 24cm.

Our little miracle! 

After 8 weeks in the hospital, they discovered Alexander had 2 hernias which his intestines were going through and needed surgery.

Alexander had his surgery and his recovery went great! 

After 104 days we could finally take our baby home at 1.8kg!

Alexander Now!

Today he is a healthy little boy with no issues at all!