My journey started 9 years ago with wanting desperately to have my own baby as I have always been besotted with these little miracles.

After trying unsuccessfully for a few months, we started with treatment but still we did not get the news we were hoping for.

I went for a Laparoscopy and low and behold a few weeks later my world turned upside down as I heard the amazing news that we would be having our own baby!

Everything went smoothly up until week 17 when my blood pressure became exceedingly high. We started treatment and it would be better for n few days and then just start inclining again. After being admitted to hospital 2 times and weekly appointments my amazing gynae decided that we would be doing a c-section at 32 weeks.

I was terrified. My Leah princess was born weighing only 1. 4kg.But she did well despite.

Being on Cpap for a week and after that nasal cannula for the rest of our stay.5 weeks of going to and from the NICU was torture but slowly but surely, she started to grow. We were discharged at 2kg.And she just thrived. We started talking about a brother or sister about 3 years later, but I was so scared of having another prem.

After struggling to fall pregnant again and another laparoscopy we were pregnant 4 years after Leah was born. My troubles started incredibly early on, and my blood pressure skyrocketed. Trying all sorts of meds to no avail I was put on bedrest from 25weeks after developing severe Pre-Eclampsia. We managed to hold on for 4 more weeks.

My Lika princess was born at 29 weeks weighing 1. 3kg.Another 6-week NICU journey started but luckily with no emergencies. She just needed to grow. We were discharged at 1. 8kg.It was after all my second preemie. Today I have 2 thriving girls that makes my world complete. I thank God every day for His Mercy and Grace in our lives.

Our family is complete!

Lots of love Yolande Nortje

Leah at the top

Lika at the bottom(pictures)