Skyler Schmitt made her appearance on December 21, 2020 at 5:24pm by emergency c-section, weighing 1.3kgs at 29 weeks and 2 days gestation.

 It began in September, when I saw my Gynea she noticed that there was no heartbeat, she told me to go home and wait for the blood results, 2 days later I received a call saying that I am potentially having a miscarriage and that I should not be alerted if I start bleeding.

I made peace with the fact that I was no longer going to have this baby. 4 weeks went by, and I had not started bleeding, I then called the Gynea and she said I should come for another scan, there was a heartbeat!!!

What a beautiful Relief to hear my princess. Everything went well until the morning of December the 21st.

 I felt drained, weak, and tired after having 10 hours of sleep. I drove to work which is 45 km from home, attended meetings and went about as if nothing was wrong. Walking much slower than usual. Around 11:30 I started getting Contractions which I blow off thinking it was Braxton Hicks. I walked into my Bosses office and while I was talking, he stopped me asking me if I was alright because I was going completely white in the face. I realised then it was best I go to the emergency room.

Me being my stubborn self, decided that I would drive myself to my hospital 45km away from work. With contractions that were now 5 mins apart, the contractions where so bad that I had to stop my car on the side of the highway.

I eventually got the hospital and they immediately put me on a monitor, to monitor the contractions. They did everything they could to stop the contractions, but they got stronger and closer together, so the Doctor said it was time for a emergency C- section as my uterus was going to rupture. My heart sank because in that moment I knew that I was going to be a mother to a Micro Prem that would have to fight to stay alive.

It was very scary not knowing what was going to happen or what the outcome was going to be. But I had faith in God that he had a plan and trusted in my doctors and nurses and the NICU team.

Skyler was born, and all I could do was watch as they took her out the room. Due to Covid restrictions and the fact that this was an emergency I was laying there all alone while they were stitching me up scared that I may not have a baby to see.

Skyler went straight on oxygen and was stabilised, later that night around 20:00pm I got to meet her for the first time she was lying so still on a Neonatal ICU open bed, so small ….. so fragile!! She had lines attached to her body everywhere you looked, her face covered by a massive oxygen machine, Her skin so thin you could see the blood flowing through her veins. I looked at her in such shock thinking how am I going to do this, it was so scary.

Neonatal ICU is scary for any mother, but Neonatal ICU in the middle of a global pandemic was the hardest journey of my life. Only getting to see Skyler once a day for an hour was heart breaking and emotionally draining.

On the 1st of Jan 2021 Skyler just was not herself she was just lying still as if there was no life in her, her abdominal area as so swollen it looked as if she swallowed an orange.

 Her alarms were going off, her heart rate dropping, her oxygen dropping – I was told to leave while they attended to her… I cannot explain how I felt at that time it was the longest 24 hours of my life before I could see her again, because phone calls to the ICU was just not enough to put my heart at ease, I had to see her.

Skyler was diagnosed with severe anaemia and 2 holes in her heart, she had to undergo two Blood transfusions in her time in ICU and get treated for the holes in her heart. On the 11th of February I went in to breast feed, after 20 mins of breastfeeding Skyler went BLUE.

 All her alarms went off and every nurse in that ward ran towards me took her lifeless body from me and asked me to leave, I looked back at the bed and saw all of them trying to help her breath again…… I BROKE DOWN RIGHT OUTSIDE THE ICU ROOM… I thought this was the end…. I am no longer going to have a baby and there was nothing I could do to help.

I have never prayed as much as I did that day… Skyer is a miracle. I am blessed to be a mother to this beautiful blessing, God works in Mysterious ways

Skylar THEN
Skylar NOW !

She is home after 62 days in ICU and 48 days on oxygen. We are loving every second!!! Thanks be to our father in heaven.