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About Us

Little Little Prem is a small local business, owned by Nicolle Grosskopf.

A stay at home mama, and part time student.

Little Little Prem aims to give support to moms with NICU Miracle babies. Nicolle is a mamma to a 34 weeker preemie miracle.

After being diagnosed with meningitis at 23 weeks pregnant, Nicolle’s pregnancy took a turn for the worst.

“Once you have a premature baby, you enter a world you never knew existed. The surprising result is that you will meet a group of people you will never forget for the rest of your life.”

– Rebecca LaClair, NICU Nurse.

Dawie’s NICU Journey !

Dawie was born FULL TERM at 40 weeks and 1 day Via C - Section. But little did they know that their baby would spend 104 days in the NICU..... 1. Genevieve tell us about the day you found out that you were pregnant? We have been trying to get pregnant for a few years...

Premature baby gift Guide.

Advice on buying gifts for a premature baby. This guide has been put together by Ex Preemie mom and Business owner of Little Little Preemie since 2019. Simply giving some guidance out of experience and collaborations with NICU nurses. You might be thinking should I...

Seth’s NICU Journey!

Baby Seth was welcomed into the world born at 39 weeks weighing 3.95kg, But little did they know their baby would become very ill a few days after taking their baby home. We couldnt have been more excited when we saw those two lines on our pregnancy test! We were very...

The Story of Alexander Andrew Vlassis

Alex was born via emergency C-Section on 7 December 2020.  His due date was 25 December.  Mandy went into labor and rushed to hospital.  Alexander was born at 17:48.  If Mandy waited 1 more hour, he wouldn’t be here.  She had no amniotic fluid...

Saige was born weighing only 650g!

 Saige Kimber was born on the 6th of October. I was 26 weeks pregnant when I had an emergency c-section due to a low amniotic fluid. She was born weighing 650g 'micro premature' and later dropped to 550gwhich is the size of a block of butter & just taller than a...

Mother of 2 Preemies, 32 weeker & 29 weeker.

My journey started 9 years ago with wanting desperately to have my own baby as I have always been besotted with these little miracles. After trying unsuccessfully for a few months, we started with treatment but still we did not get the news we were hoping for. I went...

Lené Myburgh 26 weeker’s NICU journey

God made me so that you can see, small things are strong too. Our journey with Lené started a few months after we got married. Soon after wanting to start a family we found out that i have PCOS, and really struggled with infertility. A year and a half later, on the 14...

Seth’s NICU Story!

I don't often talk about this, and I honestly haven't told many people about this either. I don't even think many people know that Seth was in the NICU. I'm not sure if it's because I still have terrible anxiety about Seth's health, or if it's because I sometimes feel...

Packing for a NICU stay !

‘’WHAT DO I PACK FOR A NICU STAY?’’ You never thought you would say these words, but now suddenly your mind is racing, emotions everywhere… We got you mom! These are the items I wished I had in my bag with my NICU stay the first few days. For Mom In the beginning,...

Twins Born at 33 weeks, during Covid-19 pandemic !

Born at 33 weeks - wow, what a surprise... Everything about this pregnancy was a surprise.  With Covid in our midst, we decide that we will rather "wait for Covid to be over" - much like the first 21 days of lockdown that we had... Uninformed like everyone else,...

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